About You, Me and Us

Therapy in Castro Valley


I am experienced in counseling for grief, LGBT issues, serious illness, depression and anxiety.   I also bring over 55 years of highly varied life experience, including hospice work, serving as a home health aide, delivering papers, downloading satellite telemetry, writing legal arguments, baking bread, selling books, and teaching college German. I have experienced a lot in my lifetime, including coming out as gay, and as a result can relate to all kinds of problems and experiences.  

Therapy is first and foremost a relationship.  I serve as a mirror in which you can see your situation and yourself from a new angle, in a new light.  Because of my focus beneath the surface you may see aspects of yourself and your world you have never seen before.  You can come away with a profound understanding of yourself within your real life: the way you make choices, your automatic responses, and the ways you get lost and find your way back.


  • Want help with coming out and living trans or gay.
  • Seek relationship counseling when it's just  not working.
  • You or a loved one has a serious or terminal illness, and need support and a place to  share  your fears and get support. 
  • Need grief counseling because life is more disrupted than you thought it would be.